Fear Equation – horror set on train

Screwfly Studios are working on a new title – FearEquation.The world has been consumed by fog that brings nightmares to life and you’ve been awarded a leadership role on a train trapped in the evil murk, what do you do?


Fear Equation traps you in a carriage full of rusted cranks and old instruments. It’s a weird train, but captures some of the submarine claustrophobia that worked so well in Deadnaut. It’s full chunky analogue machinery that I want to tap and crank. Hopefully, like Soma and Alien: Isolation, Fear Equation can capture the tactile pleasure of operating big old machines.]

Like its predecessors, Fear Equation simulates group behaviour in high-pressure scenarios. You send passengers out into the fog to acquire supplies, plot routes for the train and resolve arguments between faction leaders that can “swing the balance of power”.

You can follow us on Facebook & Twitter for more information about this title.Meanwhile, you can enjoy in these screenshots from the game.

Fear Equation 1

Fear Equation 3

Fear Equation 2

Fear Equation 5

Fear Equation 4

Fear Equation 6

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