As a PlayStation exclusive, the delay of DriveClub on PlayStation 4 launch day was sour for many gamers, especially after the postponement of the much-anticipated Ubisoft title, Watch Dogs.

It was even more of a blow for PlayStation Plus members, who were set to receive a specialized version of the game for free (with an option to upgrade to the full retail version). With the console now out in North America and Europe, and with some PlayStation gamers already hungry for more, Evolution Studios has released some polished-looking teasers of its social racing game.

Indeed, Evolution has made significant progress with DriveClub since E3 back in June, where attendees played demos of the game when it was at 35 per cent completion. Naturally, the game was considered to be graphically ‘rough around the edges’ at that time.


Since E3, the Internet gaming community has seen some major graphical improvements in DriveClub as observed in some frustratingly short 15-second teases from Evolution. Since the delay, those clips have arrived somewhat more frequently too; Evolution showed off bits of its Norway and Scotland tracks via PS4’s share feature only two weeks ago, also explaining the capabilities of the game’s dynamic lighting system.

Sony is also in the midst of a PS4 launch campaign with Channel 4, where is has compiled a couple more (even shorter) clips of both DriveClub and Guerilla Games’ Killzone: Shadow Fall.


DriveClub PS4 delay – why it was worth it


There is undeniable improvement within these last three clips. The graphics themselves were considered sub-par at E3, but now, along with the dynamic lighting system, they create a living world and edge DriveClub closer to photorealism than any racing game has done before.

The delay, officially announced on October 18, made room for racing fans on both sides of the console war to drool profusely over excellent titles like Forza, Need for Speed: Rivals, and PS3’s Gran Turismo 6 going into launch day. It also offers DriveClub a much less crowded spotlight, releasing away from other launch titles and competing racers and giving Evolution the opportunity to separate from the negative opinions from its incomplete E3 showing and generate hype on its own.

It is worthwhile to mention that DriveClub’s release date has yet to be announced, and that this extra time they have given themselves is likely to be used for more than just graphical improvements. If graphics were the only issue with the game, one might speculate that it could launch by the end of the year.

With these impressive teasers from Sony and from Evolution Studios, gamers have seen what developers can accomplish in a few months. Is the delay worthwhile? We think so. Scroll down a few clicks and let us know what you think.