New game is infront of us!!!Harold is a singleplayer sidescrolling platformer with an emphasis on the high quality, hand-drawn style of classic animated films. You play as Gabe, the guardian angel responsible for guiding Harold through the multiple paths of each map, constantly saving your human charge from imminent death by manipulating obstacles in different environments. 


To edge out the other runners and prove your angelic abilities you’ll need every ounce of cunning and foresight you can muster, because your greatest hindrance is the oafish clumsiness of Harold himself! trailer: Some of the new features are: Humorous gameplay for casual players of all ages . Fast-paced twitch timing required for hardcore players who want to get the best time . Multiple races held in several different environments, each with more than one path to the finish line.

241014-hd harold beach screenshotsHAROLDharold001previewharold_pax_screen_2_23328


  • Publisher:Kickstarter
  • Developer:Moon Spider
  • Date of release:TBA 2014