A Princess To Save Me

Turn-based RPG with a pinch of tactics, starts pretty conveniant – a princess being kidnapped by the beast,but then comes the twist which I’m not going to giveaway right now.Kickstarter campaign goal is 100.000$ which will go toward improving graphics.

“The game is a conversation about vulnerability and a person’s perception of self,” the Princess To Save Me Kickstarter page explains. What if we were raised believing that we should not solve problems by ourselves, but ask for help instead?”The Kickstarter campaign is seeking $10,000, which will go toward improving the game’s graphics. Currently it makes use of assets from RPG Maker, which are the studio said in the Kickstarter FAQ look nice enough at this stage but are “very limited. There are only 4 sets of graphics for backgrounds, and characters do not have any combat animation. We need an artist to have more backgrounds, animation and to create custom UI.Developer Sandra Lokshina explained. “It’s essential that at every point of the game a player actually does something (to the best of the princess’ ability at any giving moment) to get themselves out of the situation.”


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