Lucky’s Tale review

Lucky is not a new Mario. He’s not Banjo, Sonic, or any of the other beloved anthropomorphised furbags many of us remember as pioneers of platforming. He’s adorable and entertaining, well-designed to be the mascot of an Oculus Rift launch game, but lacks a distinct personality, instead relying on cliches that keep him from truly standing on his own as a character who can come to symbolize a new platform. And like the bouncy fox himself, Lucky’s Tale evokes fond memories of the great 3D platformers that define the genre, but feels somewhat half-baked—introducing you to an assortment of fun enemies and obstacles, but then reusing them for the short duration of the game.


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The Witcher 3 first-person mod gives gamers a Geralt’s-eye view of the world

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the environments of The Witcher 3: Wild Huntfrom the first-person perspective, this mod might be just the thing. Created by Nexus Mods user Skacikpl, it gives players the ability to slide into the more immersive viewpoint while wandering the world, and going by the latest gameplay trailer, it looks like it works really well. Continue reading The Witcher 3 first-person mod gives gamers a Geralt’s-eye view of the world

Thirty Years War

Thirty Years War is a new game designed by developer HQ covering one of the darkest ages of European history. The Thirty Years War is the series of conflicts between Catholics and Protestants in the Holy Roman Empire and its surroundings, between 1618 and 1648.

Together, these features, combined with the proven Ageod engine, make Thirty Years War a great choice to delight both players interested in this era and novice alike.

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