Today is June 23, and right on schedule, the Steam Summer Sale is live. 

The Summer Sale is traditionally a big one, and this year’s is no exception. The entire Call of Duty franchise is on for half-price or better, Payday 2 is 75 percent off, Assassin’s Creed games are marked down, and there’s a bunch of VR stuff on sale too. Once again, though, there are no flash sales.

To get the best bang for your buck, check each game you’re considering purchasing to see how long its sale price will last. Remember that since there are no flash sales, the game won’t be available any cheaper later in the sale. Don’t forget to use your wishlist to get notifications when games go on sale.

For smart shopping, we also recommend the Enhanced Steam browser extension, which will highlight games in the shop that you already own and help calculate the savings you’ll get on bundles, etc.

The Steam Summer Picnic Sale runs until 10 am PT on July 4. Are you ready?

source: PC Gamer

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