Thief4 poster


Garrett, 30-something thief with proved skills is back. New Thief is out on february 25th this year.As the stakes grow higher, so does Garrett’s goals and targets.




Like in previous versions, this one also guides you slowly through the motions of a thief.From pickpocketing to the infiltrating and escaping rich manors.With few opportunities in each section of the story, it is up to you how will you react.Garrett actually shows – from time to time – ethic codex and pieces of morality.

Most  contentious new feature is focus, which is visible field arround Garret – slow time, see notable thing in other mans pockets, dangerous movements and so on.You can turn on or of some features.You can play hardcore mode or some easier modes. It is up to you as they say in Eidos, Montreal. For example, if you remove targeting recicle the game becomes much harder. When in alert mode Garrett will be unable to take down guards, so the immediate vanishing is the one and only option.So this brings you to situation where Garrett is as vulnerable as the others in the game.Sounds like a step closer to reality.

Thief fell of the radar in previous couple of years. Fans of the well-known name in the world of games left sceptical. Reselling didnt work.But this one should be considered as renewing of the franchise. Much harder, big step in terms of reality feel in games, graphic, atmosphere and physic model should bring good reviews for this one.


What do you think?

  • Publisher:Eidos
  • Developer:Eidos, Montreal
  • Date of release:25.february 2014.