Assume the role of Angela Burnes, a US immigrant in a small Latin American country ruled by a military dictatorship. The year is 1972. You take care of the luxurious penthouse of Gabriel Ortega, once a week, an hour before sunset. And then a violent uprising breaks out in the metropolis below.Trailer:

Sunset’s protagonist comes in two forms: one is a character in the story, and the other is a reflection of the player and game designer, a distortion. The real Angela, I think, is the one who exists without playing the game. When the player  takes control, it feels like a fraud.

Anyhow back to the story,Angela is cleaning lady for,to her, unknown employer.She cleans the apartment only an hour per day,each day,same hour,just before darkness.She doesnt really meet the apartment owner and she can just guess whats been going on.

Angela is an young African American engineering graduate and activist who becomes stuck in a fictional South American city during a US-backed military coup. She makes ends meet working as a housekeeper for wealthy art collector and bureaucrat Gabriel Ortega, whom she never meets in person. Sunset explores their relationship, how they relate to each other and the unrest outside, and how that divides and connects them. 

Sunset isn’t really about investigating , where everything has already happened and you’re piecing together the past from what’s left behind. It’s more like pausing an in-progress play and messing with the set dressings. I deduced some things from Gabriel’s possessions, but anything I missed was filled in by Angela’s voiceovers at the beginning of each day. The unnatural mouthfuls felt over-rehearsed, like she woke up and pre-planned her thoughts about “people organized by hierarchy, aimed at each other with purpose, instead of breathing and flowing through each other, like a city’s supposed to feel.”

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