From the co-creator of Descent, Rustbucket Rumble is a 2D team-based multiplayer combat game where Robot teams square off and destroy their enemy’s base. Players control quirky robots in a battle for scarce resources. Work with your teammates to attack, stun, and recycle enemy robots for parts! Build a GIANT ROBOT with the recycled parts to attack your enemy’s base and take control of the map!



Choose from a group of robots, each with unique personalities and skill sets. From soldiers to ninjas and tanks to engineers, build your team with the right mix of robots to defeat the other team! Each robot has a unique weapon, carry, and special move. Melt your opponents in close-quarters with a flamethrower, defend crucial areas by building automated turrets, or snag stunned robots in a drive-by carry and then fly out of danger with your jetpack! Recycle scraps and enemy robots to build your own Giant Robot. Once activated, the Giant Robot has a single command programmed — destroy. Defend your Giant Robot from the other team as he tries to destroy their base — and make sure the other team doesn’t complete their Giant Robot first!

“Making Rustbucket Rumble has been a blast in large part because we have been building it for release through the Steam Greenlight community. We took inspiration from some of our favorite games over the past couple decades to create a game with old-school, pick-up-and-play appeal but enough depth to keep discerning gamers like us coming back for more. And we have robots galore. Big ones! Now please go vote for us on Steam! I swear the game is super fun. If you don’t believe me, come play it at PAX in booth #1681.”-

-said Reactor Zero founder Matt Toschlog.

Vote for Rustbucket Rumble on Steam Greenlight: YesonRustbucketRumble!
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Follow on Twitter: @RustbucketRumbl 

If you like side-scrolling 2D, team-based, arena combat, then Rustbucket Rumble is your kind of game.

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