World Of Diving

You can say and you wont be wrong – ocean is pretty unknown area for human kind. Now this game probably wont change that fact a lot, but it will allow you to visit the depths at least.From the safety of your room. Developers brought support for oculus rift OculusRift1 – upcoming virtual reality head mounted display.It is interesting to say that Oculus Rift, like many games of today, was also financed through Kickstarter campaign.Anyway you will be able to enjoy in it with this video game.

Now being in pre-alpha there isn’t much to say about the game, but you can register at their  website and you will be available to lightly customize diver of your choice as well as the updates you will be receiving.

Vertigo is responsible for this game with cooperation of community.

So far we know that the exploration will be the key feature of the game.You will encounter sharks,crabs and squids and that would be some experience. The sea bottom is a serene place. This could be relaxing diversion.Date of release isnt known yet , but it should be somewhere in Q1 of 2014.



Date of release:Q1 2014

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