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Volume is Indie kickstarter project that turn out to be excellent.Game has been released in mid august  but I didnt want to do review untill I try it for days to be sure.And the game is really playable – it’s challenging you to play it more.Anyhow it is a stealth game where you do some heists.In a manner of Robin Hood.


Robert Locksley,the main protagonist of the game,is futuristic thief who’s following the footsteps of Robin Hood taking from the rich to give to the poor.

But he has something that old archer never did: a bitchin’, high-tech facemask made of luminescent polygons. Volume, from the studio that brought you Thomas Was Alone, is a neon-drenched take on the stealth action of Metal Gear Solid’s VR missions, where you carefully sneak past the watchful eyes of guards, cameras, and turrets from a top-down perspective.

You will have multiple solutions on each level.

You are guided by the device called Volume, Robert has found and it is artificial intelligence that guides you through your heists.It is kind of “Microsoft Office Paperclip” according tou Mike Bithell,the developer of the game.So you are provided and well equipped when you go robbing Robin.Pard me,Robert.The Volume device is called Alan  and it’s played by  Danny Wallace.Robert uses the device to broadcast the simulations of high-profile crimes across the Internet in the same manner as Youtube Let’s Play videos.It is hinted in-game that Volume is set in the same timeline as that of Thomas Was Alone, also developed by Mike Bithell, but subsequent to the events of that game.

Combat’s not really an option for Locksley, so you’ll have to carefully plot out your path to avoid detection while snagging the valuable gems scattered around each stage. Across the 100 levels included in the campaign (plus the infinite possibilities of user-made challenges), you’ll master the art of tiptoeing around danger, avoiding patrols, and blending in with the environment, all taught with just the right pacing. If you’re partial to slipping past vision cones or just sticking it to the man, Volume is sure to provide hours of stealthy satisfaction.


Volume‍ ’​s gameplay has been designed by Bithell similar to the stealth elements of the Metal Gear Solid series.The game is presented in a top-down third-person view of the Volume simulation, showing a floor layout, Robert’s avatar, and several guards and other antagonists that patrol the area. Several different variety of guards exist, each which have different patterns of movement and how they respond to seeing the player-character; such guards include archers that have a long range of vision, rogues that can see in a full circle around them, dogs that work by sense of smell and track the player by proximity, and automated turrets that react much faster than other guards.When spotted, the player has a short amount of time to attempt to break the light of sight and take cover, otherwise the simulation will restart, either fully or at the most recent checkpoint that the player has crossed. Guards will behave in established patterns, and the player can disrupt these by making noise, such as flushing a toilet, or purposely cross their line of sight to draw them away from a patrol route. The player is unable to kill these foes, but over the course of the story, gain an arsenal of tools to distract them and avoid detection; once the player has one or more such tools, they can create a loadout for their character to select which gadgets they wish to take into a level.

The goal is to sneak through the level without being spotted to complete various heists. En route, the player needs to collect gems that are scattered through the level before the exit point will become available. Players are tracking on global leaderboards based on how fast they completed a level, with the game allowing players to revisit earlier levels to improve their times.

The game contains 100 story-based levels. Additionally, the game includes a level editor, allowing users to create their own simulated missions. Players are required to be to complete their own levels before uploading them to be shared with others.

Mike Bithel – word about developer

Bithell’s inspiration for Volume was directly from his earlier enjoyment of playing the Metal Gear games since a teenager. Though several other stealth games have come out since then, Bithell felt the newer games lost the “purity” of the stealth experience that Metal Gear provided.

The user-generation aspects for Volume were inspired by The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 that was on the Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance disc, during which Metal Gear‍ ’​ game designer, Hideo Kojima, designed prototypes of levels in real-life using Lego bricks. Bithell designed the in-game level editor to work similar to Lego, allowing the player to snap-in predesigned elements onto new or existing levels, including the game’s core levels. Bithell hopes that Volume will have an active user-community that will continue to evolve the game over many years, similar to that of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines where the player community has continued to work on improving the game five years after release.

Decision making is one of vital parts of the game.But,then again,now it’s tide of games where decision making is so important.

Bithell expected that Volume will still have a limited budget, £30,000 compared to the £5,000 he needed for Thomas Was Alone, but the extra funding has been used to hire additional programming help and 3D modelers.On the New Years of 2014, Bithell had to be taken to a hospital due to overworking himself on Volume. Following his treatment, he opted to bring on more staff to help complete the more-ambitious title, with a 15-man team by the game’s completion.[9] Some included his former colleagues at Blitz Games, where he had worked during the development of Thomas Was Alone, and additional help came from members of Curve Digital who had previously ported Thomas to the PlayStation platforms.David Housden, who composed the Thomas soundtrack, will also create the music for Volume.

Volume received mixed to positive reviews. Aggregating review websites GameRankings and Metacritic gave the Microsoft Windows version 77.89% based on 14 reviews and 79/100 based on 19 reviews[15][18] and the PlayStation 4 version 66.67% based on 3 reviews and 69/100 based on 5 reviews.

Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings (PC) 77.89%
(PS4) 66.67%
Metacritic (PC) 79/100
(PS4) 69/100
Review scores
Publication Score
Destructoid 6/10
Eurogamer Recommended
Game Informer 8.75/10
GameSpot 8/10
GamesRadar 3.5/5 stars
IGN 8.1/10[24]
PC Gamer (US) 72/100
Polygon 9/10
VideoGamer.com 8/10
Minimun Requirements
1 GB of RAM memory
GD RAM hardware score: 2
Win Xp 32
DX 9
1 GB of Hard Disk space
Recommended Settings

Core 2 Duo E4500 2.0GHz

Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+

2 GB of RAM memory

GD RAM hardware score: 4

 Win Xp 32
 DX 9
 1 GB of Hard Disk space




Volume has been made for PC and Playstation 4 respectively.PS Vitta version should come out by the end of the 2015.

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