In the underground cities of the last remnants of humanity, oxygen is king. Following Valerie, a young girl who’s inducted into the city secret police force, Traverser wants to be a puzzle game about fighting power and using ingenuity in lieu of strength. If only it had great design to back up this great premise.Trailer:

Valerie is a Traverser, a special agent armed with a gravity-field manipulating glove. Using the glove she can travel between areas and levitate small objects. And sometimes big objects? Traverser’s problems, unfortunately, are this basic and this deeply rooted within the logic of the world.In good stealth games, getting caught can be part of the fun. In Mark of the Ninja or Splinter Cell, getting caught means it’s time to go loud, to salvage the situation somehow. There’s no way for Valerie to go loud. Great puzzle games put up barriers just strong enough to resist a first push. When that barrier eventually falls, players feel accomplished. Traverser is a limp journey through a lovingly crafted, original setting that holds so much promise. A puzzle game that does not give you a challenge.

A wonderful art style and interesting setting can’t make Traverser’s not very puzzled puzzles and exasperating stealth sequences acceptable.

Requirements: 2.4 GhZ processor, 4GB RAM, GeForce 8800 GT or better

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