The Dwarves new tactical RPG

A new tactical role-playing game, based on a bestselling novel, by the name of The Dwarves has been announced for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for a 2016 release.



Developed by the German game studio King Art Games, who worked on The Book of Unwritten Tales series, Battle Worlds: Kronos and The Raven, The Dwarves will be a crowd-combat focused tactical RPG depicting dwarves against orcs. The enemies are influenced by realistic physics, with the actions players commit appropriately affecting enemies.

Set in the world of Girdlegard, the main character Tungdil is a dwarf who grew up alongside humans. As the game progresses, Tungdil will gain up to 12 companions, each with their own unique abilities and backstories.

Across several battlefields, players will manage a group of four characters fighting hundreds of enemies simultaneously.

Author Markus Heitz is involved with The Dwarves as a consultant, who will contribute to quests and characters.

The Dwarves will be featured at Gamescom next month, starting on August 5th. The tactical RPG is set for a PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for a 2016 release.

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