Table games comes and you can play them on various platforms.


A virtual game board which you can play through your browser.

A sandbox where you can play existing, published games with friends or create your own games. The project, which runs until September 24 and has already met its funding goal, has an ambitious feature set list and is scheduled to be available for  PC (via browser) soon after the project closes, and iOS and Android by next summer.

There will be public and private tables and rooms, player ratings, an automated matchmaker, text chat (audio and video to follow), tournaments and prizes, achievements, and leaderboards. You’ll be able to play remotely with your friends, no matter where on Earth they live (as long as they have an Internet connection). Like I said, ambitious.

Starting a game is simple. Find the game you want to play, choose the number of players, and create it. The files all load to your browser and you’re quickly off and running. Should you become disconnected, the system saves your seat.

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