Space Run Galaxy

Back in 2014, building up a spaceship to run cargo in Space Run [official site] renewed Adam’s interest in tower defense games. Space Run gives players a big space-truck to haul everything from plain old cargo containers to thrill-seeking tourists, and naturally they must build up the truckship with weapons and defenses if they want to complete the delivery in time – and survive. Now developers Passtech Games have announced a sequel, named Space Run Galaxy, which is due to launch later this year.


Space-cargo needs to get from space-A to space-B, see, and you have a spaceship. Space isn’t the safest place, so you need to build your ship (snapping blocks together) with weapons, shields, and of course cargo space to get through quickly and safely. You build your own mobile tower defense platform and roll through space, basically, facing everything from space-pirates to giant space-squid.

date of releas:17.june 2016

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