Strategy fans will venture into stimulating modern warfare combat with Risk. Keeping the authenticity of the 2010 rules as the standard, Risk offers a new strategic experience with a familiar map layout optimized with modern armies, 3D tactical battlefields configurable win conditions and rule variants. Online league play will allow player to compete with people from around the world.

Deploy your units over the world to conquer enemy’s troops.Rule the world in this board game.

There is no specific launch trailer for Risk; the game is part of an app called “Hasbro Game Channel” and is included in the announcement trailer for it.

The game was made by Zoemode studio and it is published by Ubisoft in december 2014 after being closely implemented in Habsbro app.

  • developer:Zoemode
  • publisher:UBISOFT
  • date of release:16.december 2014.

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