Pizzarian is indie game set in the imaginary future –  2010 A.D —and your mission is to be the coolest pizza delivery business in the Jovian system. Cut through traffic, avoid the police, and deliver pizzas to the moons of Jupiter! Save up your money to buy better ships and upgrade your pizzeria. Just look out for the competition…!


Pizzarian is a pizza delivery shmup for Windows, with an emphasis on being cool. Deliver pizzas to the Galilean moons of Jupiter, where you make more money based on how many cool stunts you can pull off along the way.

There are only four colors, but there are five four-color palettes to choose from! There are six ships to purchase, each with their own set of options and upgrades. Your pizza shop also has upgrades that will help you during your delivery missions—everything from spam advertisements to weaponized pizzas.

Now with Xbox 360 gamepad support! Use the A button to launch items and the B button to fire weapons! A and B navigate menus as well as Start and Back. LB and RB cycle through items, and the D-pad is used to navigate! It’s like you’re playing a videogame!The game is developed in XNA, so the game is currently only available for Windows, and the .NET 4 Client Framework and XNA Framework 4.0 are required to play.

  1. developer:Jeddy
  2. publisher:Steam
  3. date of release:03.february 2015.

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