Murdered:Soul Suspect

This is a game developed by Airtight Games and represent dark thriller atmosphere in which you are trying to find who is killer.The game will be available on all major platforms, most probably in june 2014.The events are set in Salem.


Detective Ronan O’Connor gets slained, returns as a ghost and try to find his murderer. Ronan is free to explore the town of Salem, Massachusetts, from his shadowy afterlife.murdered-soul-suspect-1 Unable to communicate with the detectives on his case, Ronan must read the minds of the living, influencing their thoughts and actions. As part of his investigation, he must interrogate the ghosts of Salem’s past citizens to piece together the puzzle.2051510-703515_20130821_005

At the same time, Ronan’s soul is in danger, and he has to protect it.

Explore Salem, a town where strange things happen, to discover secrets hidden deep within the ‘Dusk’ world. Walk-through walls, teleport and reveal memories.

Who killed Ronan and why? He will have to find out, because anyone could be the suspect in this thriller twisting storyline.

  • Publisher:Square Enix
  • Developer:Airthight Games
  • Date of release:03.june2014