Modern Combat 5:Blackout

Franchise continues to bring us another mobile games -open areas shooter,this time it is also available for PC as well.Company well-known since smart phone’s era –Gameloft– made fifth part of this game.This time the game will be available for PC,Android,Windows phone.Lock’n’load for next intense chapter of the series.Fast paced story takes the player on missions world wide – from Tokyo to Venice.




The fifth installment in Gameloft’s action-packed Modern Combat series has lots of hype surrounding it. Will it surpass its popular predecessors or come up short?

What’s in the new chapter

Modern Combat 5 (MC5) immediately throws you into the action as a security forces soldier named Phoenix who you might recognize from his minor role inModern Combat 4. Like the popular Call of Duty games, a major city, Tokyo in this case, comes under attack from a group of violent militants. You’ll fight the militants through a series of stages set throughout the Japanese capital.

Each stage of MC5 is divided into different chapters. Each chapter has your standard run-and-gun stages, objective-based stages that involve tasks such as defusing bombs, and a multiplayer stage. To save space, chapters are downloaded as you progress.

MC5Blackout_Storm_Over_Tokyo_mica (1)

Modern Combat 5 also has a robust multiplayer mode, which supports up to 12 players at a time. This is the best way to take advantage of the squad feature which allows you to easily join up with your friends and join the fight. Multiplayer has all the classic FPS game types such asdeathmatch, capture the flag, and free-for-all.

In terms of connection and game run smoothly,there were not too many problems with lag. There are, however,some issues with spawning. There were a few times where I spawned in front of an opponent who quickly killed me before I even had a chance to move. Even with the spawning issues, the multiplayer mode is an excellent FPS experience.modern-combat-5-1024x768

Lots of work has gone into Modern Combat 5 and the attention to detail is apparent: characters look detailed and fluid in their animations and levels are concise enough that they don’t appear repetitive. This isn’t on par with console graphics, but it’s still top of the line for device games.Modern-Combat-5-Blackout

Sound in the game is also high-quality. The guns have diverse sounds and other sound effects, such as tires screeching, sound believable. There’s also hammy but solid voice acting that isn’t normally found in mobile games.

Grab your gun and join the fight

The controls in Modern Combat 5 face the same problem that many touch screen shooters face: on-screen joysticks aren’t as responsiveas the real things. The joystick that controls your movement is located on the left-hand side of the screen and you can aim by moving your thumb on the right-hand side. The shoot, grenade, zoom-in, and special ability buttons are also located on the right-hand side.

The controls are mostly responsive, but there are problems such as the shoot and grenade buttons being located too close together. There were a few times when I accidentally threw a grenade which can seriously disrupt gameplay, especially if you’re fighting in close quarters. This isn’t a fault of MC5 as plenty of other games face the same issue. Gameloft is hoping to implement controller support soon.mc52







For an added chalenge you can test yourself in a Spec-ops missions.

Despite the controls, it’s still great for fans of FPS

The controls can get irritating and clunky, but Modern Combat 5 is still an entertaining game with a promising multiplayer.













Gameloft released the game 24.of july for Windows Phone  and Android, PC version should be available TBA 2014.

  • Developer:Gameloft Bucharest
  • Publisher:Gameloft
  • Date of release:24. july 2014 for Windows Ph. &Android, TBA 2014 for PCunnamed