Mad Max Game


With heavily armored cars, wasteland, brutality, guns and post-apocalyptic atmosphere, Mad Max movie franchise looks like a tailor-made for the video game treatment. Personally, I wonder why no one made such a game already. But Warner Bros is about to redress the old movie into a brand new game. Fans are hoping that this is not gonna be another miserable game of a film product.

Well, we shall see, but the Avalanche studio’s promise that this is going to be trully mainstream game.Or is it just a follow up to the Mad Max 4 movie that is filmed right now. One of Avalanche previous games was Just Cause 2 –  fantastic graphics and visual experience,action build up game  with little or no story at all.Therefore, they should learn from previous experience and create dramatic story involved in Mad Max game.


So, about the game. You will have opportunity to create your own car, to customize it, to drive and shoot at the same time,to have on foot action,to upgrade your weapon/vehicles.

Interesting thing is that the ones that chase you arround can jump on your vehicle, on roof of it. So it is something to remind us on movie.


What do you think?