Actress Lindsay Lohan, who is curently suing Rockstar over GTA V , published her own game named Price of Fame. It’s a “free-to-play” title for Android devices.Game itself is allowing you to try to become celebrity “be like me” type of games.


Similar to Kim Kardashian’s hit mobile game, The Price of Fame allows the player to become the celebrity, choosing their fashion style and amassing fans based on their actions.

“First you get a few fans, then you get a few more, then you get thousands, millions, billions, trillions,” reads a line from the game’s description. “Once you get 400 fans, you can create your own celebrity persona–wear a space helmet with a see-through dress, high heels, a solid gold mask, and hang out with a pet tiger.”

Lawsuit against Rockstar Games & GTA V because Lindsay Lohan rights over these images

“Or maybe you prefer a simpler outfit with just some sneakers, jeans, a t-shirt, ski goggles, a pink mohawk, a couple babies, a pet snake, and everyone’s underwater,” the description goes on. “YOU ARE THE CELEBRITY, YOU DECIDE HOW CRAZY THINGS WILL GET.”

Here’s a list of things you can do in The Price of Fame, which is meant to be a parody of celebrity culture.

  • “Start a phony rap beef”
  • “Buy a private peninsula”
  • “Get butt implants”
  • “Fight in an elevator”
  • “Give your baby botox”
  • “Punch a paparazzi” (“Don’t worry, you have a hot shot team of lawyers to get you out of trouble.”)

The Price of Fame was developed by Space Inch, a small studio headed up by Andy Ross, who plays guitar in the band OKGo. Ross even programmed parts of the game. Since it’s a freemium title, the base game is free while you can also spend real-world money on various in-game items.

Sound interesting? You can download The Price of Fame today from iTunes or Google Play. For more, check out the image gallery below.

  • Developer:Space Inch
  • Publisher:
  • Date of Release:december 2014.