LIFE is STRANGE episode 3 review

Maybe you don’t remember what it was like being 18, but I’ll nutshell it for you: Everyone was horrible. And Life Is Strange captures that grueling period in everyone’s life so accurately that you get high school frustrated all over again. Different decisions are infront of Max.Dontnod’s answer to that question is Episode 3, Chaos Theory, which is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

The high point continues to be Max’s inner monologue, in which she makes the sort of awkward jokes and comments that we all think but hope we don’t say aloud because anyone who heard us would immediately cringe and walk away.


The most interesting relationship continues to be between Max and her troubled, delinquent best friend, Chloe, and it’s a highlight specifically because it’s such a terrible friendship. Chloe is never at fault, refuses to take responsibility for her mistakes, and lashes out whenever anyone tries to call her on her selfishness and one-sidedness. It’s hard to understand why Max keeps hanging out with her — unless you’ve had a friend like that, and then you get it completely.

Chloe’s failings as a friend and human reflect the constant tension Max feels over how responsible she is for the young women, and it’s provided her with motivation and direction throughout the series. It’s as fascinating and accurate as it is confusing and frustrating, just like real people, and Dontnod’s doing a fantastic job of balancing everything.

The time-rewind puzzles are as good as ever (when they happen)

Life Is Strange is at its best when you’re using Max’s Prince of Persia-style time-rewinding powers to solve puzzles and make differences in people’s lives. And when Chaos Theory finally gets around to letting you do that sort of thing, it’s great. This episode includes a couple clever uses of the talent to help Max get into locked rooms and get information from multiple sources in the same room.

She ultimately has an opportunity to make a major change using her temporal chicanery, and it’s one of the high points of the series so far. You understand how important it is for her to succeed, and you share Max’s frustration and fear that she won’t be able to pull it off. It’s a smart and emotionally driven scene, and it’s clearly what the developers had in mind when they came up with this story.Life Is Strange

As Max gets braver and more confrontational, her relationship with Chloe begins to strengthen. Their reminiscing on the past becomes fonder, their interactions warmer. Life is Strange consistently nails the odd, unexplainable way young women become best friends and how they treat each other; even Chloe’s occasional roughness as she attempts to guilt Max for leaving her shows the sincerity of her affection for her old friend. Max is also comfortable calling Chloe out on her more aggressive, rude behavior, but now Chloe is willing to own up to it. These two have grown into their own, and watching them race through a quad holding hands reminded me of those weird, wonderful teenage years with my own best friend. Their relationship is finally blooming, and Dontnod supports this growth with heartfelt dialogue and a handful of very touching scenes between the two.Beyond the mood-breaking fetch quests and blank stares, however, Life is Strange has finally come into its own in Episode Three, shedding some dialogue and pacing problems from previous episodes. Max takes several big gambles and is now paying her dues, the full potential of her power realized in one terrifying day. Despite her growing bravery, she is becoming exhausted, and Dontnod is doing an excellent job of conveying to you, the player, just how much things are grinding on her. You feel the story’s turning point like a knife to the ribs as Chaos Theory comes to a close, and the slow reveal of the potential of Max’s powers is surprising and devastating. Max’s goals, balancing a personal life and solving a mystery, have finally funneled into the same path, and with the entire story left turned on its head, there’s no way to tell where things are going.

Anyway,there are going to be many emotional moments,relationships becoming deeper and excellent world-building opportunities through environmental exploration are available again.Warm recommendations.

As a reminder to this great title,if you havent played previous episodes,you should give thema try.Game won Develop Industry Excellence Award for new game and for innovative narrative concept.

Warm recommendations, again.

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