KINGDOM – Medieval Sidescroller releases this month

There’s quite a bit of buzz around the enigmatic Kingdom, and one of those buzzing sounds came from James Davenport, who seemed pleased to get his hands on the game at the end of September. Back the, he said the game would likely release “this fall”, and what do you know, he was right. Kingdom is indeed out this fall/Autumn, on the most fally, Autumny date of all: October 21.

Kingdom is a game about managing a kingdom. Which is to say, it’s a game about recruiting loads of followers, and paying them with giant, gleaming coins to make or do stuff for you. It’s also, when the night comes, a game about fighting monsters, who always insist on ruining a lovely muddy medieval land.Kingdom Header

Kingdom started life as a small browser game back in 2013, and now it’s something bigger and more inscrutable that you’ll be able to buy with your own virtual coins, either on Steam or on the Humble Store.

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