I am Bread

I am Bread represents emotional journey –  which coming from BossaStudios,known by their special style in gamemaking- as one slice of bread embarks upon a quest to become toasted.As the gameplay attracts your attention, at the same time the story of the game  will show you that thing aren’t as they seem to be.I am Bread is available through Steam from december 3rd 2014.

So in this simulation you will lead slice of bread through the game levels.The idea is that you control a slice of the world’s only sentient, perambulatory loaf of bread. Its secret origins were not made clear to us, but the end result is that the bread desperately wants to achieve the next stage in its evolution: to become a piece of toast. The goal of the game is therefore to control your slice as it tries to manoeuvre its way towards a toaster and get itself inside.The idea may sound silly but it is very playable.

Game preview: I Am Bread is the toast of indie gaming

Since slices of bread don’t have legs (obviously!) the controls work around buttons mapped to each of the slice’s four corners. This allows you to rotate round on each one, while forward movement is achieved by holding down the buttons for two of the sides and then flipping up the other two so that you crawl along in the desired direction. Or if it’s a big flip jump a short distance. This is just as difficult as it sounds and there’s a smooth, but lengthy, learning curve before you even begin to get your head around how it works.

As we point out in the interview below the only obvious point of comparison is Katamari Damacy, not just because of the oddball concept and weird controls but because the bread can pick up objects it passes over and carry them along with it. In many cases though this is not a good thing, as you have an ‘edibilitiy’ meter which decreases as you move around on the floor or land on a swarm of ants (the bread’s unseen owner is apparently not a very sanitary one).

But if you land in butter or jam (the presence of Marmite is a question of intense political debate within the development team) this increases your stickness, which in turn helps with your grip. Grip also has its own meter and although you can climb up vertical surfaces un-buttered you won’t get that far and have to keep resting in-between sorties.I Am Bread (PC) - the game has a rye sense of humour

I Am Bread (PC) - that's not a toaster!

I Am Bread (PC) - it should make Bossa a lot of dough

Game released:03. december 2014.