Hooligan Fighters is a multiplayer online, close combat fighting game, set in the underworld of illegal hooligan brawls.


    • This is a unique game in which you can compete with players from around the world using only close combat fighting techniques. No shooting, no magic but a variety of different punches, kicks and special moves realized with motion-capture technology. You are certainly familiar with 1 vs 1 fighting games… This game offers You team fighting up to 10 vs 10 players !


    • In Hooligan Fighters You take control of the character, who develops his combat and visual style between matches using earned Respect Points. There are also Drinks and Power Cards that can be bought and used according to your preferred style and combat tactics.


    • Simple and user-friendly matchmaking ! Just pick Your favorite game-mode and click the “Fight” button. You don’t have to worry about servers and connection speed !


    • Clashes take place in many spectacular, closed arenas such as abandoned subway station, rural football field or a stadium. Each match lasts about 10 minutes.


    • There are 2 game-modes so far: “Skirmish” (Round based) and “Conquest” but more yet to come in future updates ! Players can fight using elements of the environment such as metal pipes, trash bins or stones. The game includes micro-transactions and a Premium bundle which allows you to accelerate character’s development.


    • Hooligan Fighters is a first production of “Crazy Rocks Studios LTD.” We are a 2-man team from Poland, Warsaw that dream about making independent 3D games. The project took us 10 months so far but we don’t want to stop right now ! Here is a part from our backlog for further development:


    • Clans .
      This is very important feature that we plan to implement in the first month of the early access. Players will be able to establish their own clans, name it, set desired colors, invite members and play ranking battles. Higher ranking and special currency gathered for wins enables clan members to claim exclusive rewards.


    • Character classes.
      We also want to introduce different types of fighters that player can develop. This feature also allows players to have more than one character.


    • Cooperative mode.
      Imagine fighting together with Your friends versus a bunch of AI (like in Fighting Force !!). This is a bigger task and We need a bigger dev-team for sure.


    • Gambling machine.
      You will be able to try Your luck and win some of game items.


    • GamePad support.


    • Game translations.



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