HITMAN ep3 Marakesh

The trend for Hitman’s [official site] episodic levels to be grow bigger and more populous with each new installment continues unabated with third map Marrakesh, which is frankly just showing off. There’s just no need to emerge from a vast crowd of tourists into a shop populated by hundreds of beautifully-glowing lamps and, from there, into an even larger horde, this time of protesters raging amid coloured smoke. No need whatsoever. Bless ‘em for doing it anyway.


While Marrakesh is clearly more spectacular than previous episode (a ridiculously huge mansion in Sapienza, Italy), somehow it didn’t drop my jaw in the quite the same way. I suspect that’s because Sapienza busted open my expectations after the deflating Hitman: Absolution and the solid but not extraordinary first episode in Paris.

Now Marrakesh has rolled around, I happily accept that Hitman is really, truly back and it’s not a shock to see how much it does.

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