EDGE of SPACE finally exits Early Access in September

This is very interesting piece of material.Almost two years ago Edge of Space has been announced as an early access game.Now in september game exits early access and we should be expecting to be finalized soon.But untill then, you can read what you can expect from it. It is indie sandbox game,open-world to explore with pets,crafting,multiplayer,modding,vehicles and other interesting stuff.


The current version of Edge of Space boasts an open-world single-player sandbox, pets, crafting and a bunch of other stuff, while multiplayer, modding, terraforming, vehicles, um “gas dynamics” and more are promised by the time the game launches for realsies. Edge of Space was recently greenlit , and now it has fulfilled its destiny. Hooray!

Developer Handyman Studios announced the official launch date today, and even though it’s been more than two years since it first appeared, it also promised that development will continue.

“This is a major milestone goal for us, but the journey doesn’t end here,” studio founder Jacob Crane said. “As we’ve demonstrated in our Early Access development, we will continue to deliver consistent content updates to include new missions, weapons, monsters, events, and much more.”

Edge of Space is an “open-world, dynamically-generated, sandbox survival-adventure game,” in which players must explore and survive in a strange and dangerous world, equipped only with a “laser mining pick” and the bits of gear they were able to salvage from their crashed cryopod. It’s still available as an Early Access release on Steam, and more information is available at playedgeofspace.com.

Suit up as an operative of the Ark Corporation, sent to the farthest reaches of the universe in search of habitable planets to terraform. However, after the long space journey you awaken from cryosleep to find that your ship has gone way off course and is disabled near a strange new world.

What the developers have to say:

“Edge of Space is still under development. By getting into the ongoing BETA now you will be getting a discount from its final price of $14.99. The game will be improved on a regular basis through updates that will add content, new features, and bug fixes. Please check back frequently to update to new versions. Your feedback matters!

Rejoice, ArkcoNauts!
There is finally a launch date for Edge of Space! After sharing this journey through Early Access with all of you, we are preparing to cross the finish line, and deliver the 1.0 version of the game. It’s terrifying, and it’s thrilling all at once!

  • developer:Handyman Studios
  • publisher:Reverb Triple X
  • date of release:17.september 2015.


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