E3 june 2015

E3 is world premiere contest show for video and mobile games  and  related products.It is a trade show as well.It is held in june each year since started.

Lets see what most of us are interested in and what games  we are going to see:


  • DOOM 

If it wasn’t already so, Mars is going to be a lot less hospitable to human life after the new Doom comes out.

Set on the fourth planet from the sun, the 2015 reboot of the original 1993 PC masterpiece will be developed by id Software and released on the PS4, Xbox Oneand PC in spring 2016.

Doom is, first and foremost, a reboot of the franchise. It’s not Doom 4, and definitely won’t continue the story of Doom 3. It’s an origin game that takes place on Mars and will have the brutal, gory gunplay that made the original so beloved. We also finally saw the chainsaw which you’ll be able to use to dice up enemies in any direction. So there’s that.


Announced last year on may 28th, Battlecry represents team combat game that is brutal and beautiful at the same time.You can watch trailer:



“As far as stupid gimmicks go, I chose the best f***ing one,” said Bethesda’s Todd Howard on stage at E3.

Gimmick or not, the Pip-Boy from Bethesda sure got everyone excited. After all, who wouldn’t want a real life, working device from a beloved game?

It looks like a relatively easy attachment for your mobile device to slot in but it’s unclear if you need it to work. The stage demo shows a large touchscreen that seems as if it can pop open for the phone (with the phone being the touchscreen) but further details weren’t discussed.

A special app was made to work with the Pip-Boy but you don’t need the giant wearable to use it. The app will also be out when the game releases in the fall.

The collector’s edition of the Fallout 4 game releases November 10 this year and will come with your very own wearable Pip-Boy.


Konami announced two leading titles for the E3 2015 show – PES 2016 and Metal Gear Solid V:Phantom Pain

You can sit back and enjoy in trailers:

  • PES 2016






Square Enix’s E3 press event is in the books. It was a bit long, but we got a good look at some highly anticipated titles (like Kingdom Hearts 3 and Just Cause 3) .


Just Cause 3

Square Enix’s strange E3 2015 press conference opened up with Just Cause 3 The title, popular for mass scales of destruction, will head to PS4, Xbox One and PC on December 1, 2015.Set in Rico Rodriguez’s mother’s homeland in the Mediterranean, there will be over 400 square miles for you to explore and set on fire.Game Director Roland Lesterlin said Avalanche Studios wanted this game to have even more “unparalleled freedom.”In addition to the destructible environment, Rico will have a brand new wingsuit and a better grappling hook. Check out the trailer below to see both in action.


Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer E3 2015

The Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer from E3 2015 proves the never-ending keyblade war is still ongoing and series characters Sora, Donald and Goofy are in the middle of the action.Square Enix’s long-awaited action RPG sequel radiates brightly colored cartoon graphics that look better than before.That’s thanks to the fact the game is making its home on new consoles, the PS4and Xbox One, and is using the Unreal Engine 4.


After seeing a frenetic and cinematic Hitman Monday, IO Entertainment took to the stage at Square Enix’s E3 2015 event to give us a full explanation of the new game.Agent 47 returns to his life of assassinating targets following the events of Hitman Absolution. Oddly enough, Agent 47 looks younger than he has ever been, but the skilled killer is just as experienced as ever. Players will be able to use subterfuge, disguises, distraction and force to get to their targets.The biggest new feature is that the game will continue to offer a huge list of targets and scenarios to play through in a live and ever-expanding world of digital assassinations.According to Christian Elverdam, creative director of Hitman, IO will release a schedule of missions, hits and other objectives for the Hitman community to complete. In one scenario, all players will be given a chance to take out a target, and no matter the outcome it will be permanently recorded.The new game will also bring back community-created contracts, further extending the list of assignments for players to complete.


Lara will face new perils on her new journey as you can watch in trailer below:

Lara Croft almost faces an early retirement in the latest Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay trailer shown at Microsoft’s E3 2015 media briefing.The trailer shows Lara on the face of a mountain, clearly on the hunt for a hidden treasure cache. The adventurer not only rediscovers her sense of purpose in the clip, she also endures a freezing landscape, goes for a deep water swim, comes face-to-face with a bear (and a few enemies), and survives a few explosions.Rise of the Tomb Raider is the sequel to a 2013 reboot of the franchise on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and was generally reviewed positively by critics. The new game is due on November 10 this year on both next-gen systems as well as PC.





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