Developer Bungie released today a patch for Destiny.

Bungie promised to correct the new bugs that showed up with new extension called The Dark Below, which is released on december 2 2014.

Bungie adds: “We are also continuing to support the Destiny sandbox with changes that were identified prior the launch of Expansion I.”

Below is list of  fixes:


  • Fixed a typo in the German word for ‘Radiant Energy’


  • General
    • Fixed an issue in which some weapon projectiles were improperly penetrating Hive shields
  • Pocket Infinity
    • Rolled back changes induced by a previous Exotic weapon update
    • Charge up and deactivation now work as originally designed
    • Players may again encounter a previously known issue which prevents charge up


  • Both existing and future Raid gear obtained in Crota’s End now begins at Level 30 with an upgrade path to reach Level 32
  • Raid helmet obtained in Crota’s End now drops on Normal Mode and will be a more frequent drop on Hard Mode
  • Fixed an issue in which Dead Orbit Hunter cloaks awarded reputation gains for both Dead Orbit and Vanguard/Crucible


  • Added a replayable node to the Director for the ‘Fist of Crota’ mission
  • Developer:Bungie

  • Publisher:Activision

  • Date of release:

  1. 09.september 2014 Destiny
  2. 02.december 2014 extension The Dark Below
  3. 16. december 2014official patch