David Szymanski, developer of The Moon Sliver and The Music Machine, has announced the title of his next horror game: A Wolf in Autumn.

A Wolf in Autumn is about a young girl who wakes up in a locked shed in the middle of a forest. Based on images released by Symanski in the past, A Wolf in Autumn will sport a vibrant art style but one that is less stylized than his last game, The Music Machine. No further story information has been released. I’m interested in checking this one out after walking away from The Music Machine fairly impressed.

The first trailer for A Wolf In Autumn, the latest game from The Moon Sliver and The Music Machine developer David Szymanski, has been released.

Described as a “dark, surreal psychological horror game”, A Wolf In Autumn follows in its predecessor’s footsteps by sporting a vibrant art style not typically associated with the horror genre (unfortunately). As you can see in the trailer below, color is of great visual importance, with heavy saturation present throughout the various environments shown.

A Wolf In Autumn stars a young girl trapped in a shed within a forest. Based on the trailer, it sounds like her mother left her there for her safety. The young girl escapes the confines of the shed and that’s ostensibly when her journey begins. As for what she’ll encounter, we’ll have to wait and see. But wolves are clearly involved according to the trailer description.

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