From the co-creator of Descent, Rustbucket Rumble is a 2D team-based multiplayer combat game where Robot teams square off and destroy their enemy’s base. Players control quirky robots in a battle for scarce resources. Work with your teammates to attack, stun, and recycle enemy robots for parts! Build a GIANT ROBOT with the recycled parts to attack your enemy’s base and take control of the map! Continue reading RUSTBUCKET RUMBLE


In a bid to bolster the authenticity of 2015’s Rainbow Six Siege, developer Ubisoft Montreal sought help from real-world special operations soldiers. The developer wrote on its blog that it invited GIGN operators to its office to play Siege to help verify that it was approaching the game in a way that would accurately reflect how actual soldiers go about rescuing hostages. Continue reading TOM CLANCY’S RAINBOW SIX SIEGE