Some gamers who were able to buy a 20th Anniversary PS4 before the limited-edition systems sold out almost immediately are turning to eBay to sell the  console.So it’s been a long time since debut of Sony Playstation.So many games and memories.In fact moset selling console of the century.Lets see what are they offering to their customers.

The online auction site features numerous listings for the rare PS4 system, which as was announced last week, and went on sale the evening of December 6 during PlayStation Experience.

The 20th Anniversary PS4 is modelled after the Original PlayStation, which went on sale in Japan on December 3, 1994. Check out GameSpot’s unboxing video above to learn more.

Did you miss PlayStation Experience this weekend? You can catch up by reading all the news from the show and watching all the trailers, including one for 2015’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Sony manufactured just 12,330 of the consoles, with each unit individually numbered.

Given that the consoles are officially sold out, bidding is trending well above the system’s standard $500 asking price. One 20th Anniversary PS4 sold for $20,100, while another went for $15,100. You can see all the eBay listings here.

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