World of Warships opens its waters – release date announced

World of Warships was first announced a full four years ago (though they were calling it World of Battleships at the time), but after a couple of months of open beta Wargaming is ready to release the game, in just two weeks, on September 17.World of Warships is an MMO from the studio behind the incredibly popular World of Tanks and World of Warplanes.


Naturally, this one focuses on naval battles, with four classes of ships (more than 80 ships in all) for you and your opponents to choose from. You’ll get to fight in different locations across the world’s seas, and will have to factor in things like weather as you do so.World of Warships 1

World of Warships 3

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Battles will take place on specific maps with their own atmosphere, weather conditions and flow of battle, which are set locations taking place within the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic. To win each battle the player will need to employ different strategies, depending on the role of their vessel. Players gain experience and credits based on their performance within battles, which can be used to research and purchase additional ships of varying tiers of progression as they advance through the tech trees of different nations. The types of ship available will be destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers.[1] These ships can be either real historical ships or blueprint prototypes from a variety of forces such as the United States Navy, Imperial Japanese Navy, Kriegsmarine, Royal Navy, and the Soviet Navy; other navies like the Marine nationale and the Regia Marina will also be featured later down the development path.[2] Submarines and torpedo boats will not be present in World of Warships.Divisions are the equivalent of flights in World of Warplanes and platoons in World of Tanks, allowing a group of players to join and fight battles together. Clan wars in World of Warships will be played out in the ocean. Clan wars are where different clans play a match against other clans in order to get land or maintain control of a region. Like World of Tanks andWorld of Warplanes, different sectors of the ocean can be occupied by different clans and ports that enables for ships to get out on the front.World of Warships

On April 9, 2015, pre-order packages consisting of premium warships and access to the closed beta test became available for purchase by players.

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