The Ship Remasted is remastered version of 2006 game and it is sailing right to the store shelves by mid february 2016.


The Ship: Remasted is a remake of the 2006 classic, The Ship: Murder Party. Explore all of the original maps that have been recreated for The Ship: Remasted and then remember how The Ship tied you up and you spent so many hours playing it.

After acquiring the game in 2011, Blazing Griffin took to Kickstarter to fund a sequel, called The Ship: Full Steam Ahead. Alas, it fell well short of the goal. Now they’re back with this “HD” edition of the original. To help, they’ve brought on Jason Kocemba, lead programmer of the original mod and game.

The Ship at it’s time was great. It’s a multiplayer hide-‘n’-seek assassination game, set on a series of ’20century’s cruise ships. Each player is simultaneously hunter and hunted, and must track down their quarry while simultaneously avoiding the person tracking them. It’s a set-up that would later be used as the basis for Assassin’s Creed’s multiplayer mode, but The Ship went one further It asked players to avoid committing their assigned murders in front of guards or security cameras, and fulfil a variety of needs, from eating and drinking, to using the toilet and chatting to fellow cruise-goers.

This is for new players,who haven’t played it before and for the players who already bought the game 10 years ago…well,yes,they’ll have to buy it again,only by slightly reduced price.

Lets see how it will look whe hit the shelves by mid february,with  all these labels as “HD”,”Visceral”,”1080p” and so on 🙂 .


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