Telltale Game of Thrones premiere until the end of the year

Game of Thrones is an upcoming adventure game developed by Telltale.Game of Thrones is a point-and-click adventure game similar to Telltale’s other games, to be released as a number of episodes.No specific release date revealed, but developer confirms first episode will hit by end of year.


Since its announcement in December 2013, Telltale has kept its Game of Thrones adventure game largely under wraps.

But now it’s revealed by Laura Pelasco,Telltale PR, that game will be released by the end of the year.

“No specific release date announced yet, but I can confirm that the season IS premiering later this year.”

This is Laura Pelasco quoted tweet,that started running around websites immediately after announced.

Kevin Bruner, one of the three the co-founders has been talking since december 2013 that studio will listen to the fans feedback.

Over the past two months, the developer has released various teases about the game’s setting, but we have not yet heard much in the way of specifics.What Telltale has said, is that its Game of Thrones title will be “taking advantage of all the [series’] fiction.”The player will be able to move their player-character around the world’s environment, interacting with objects and initiating conversation trees with non-player characters. Choices made by the player will have impact on later story elements in future episodes.


After the previous games set in his narrative received overwhelmingly negative or mediocre critical response, George R. R. Martin opined that he wanted “a Game of Thrones game to be made by a studio that knows how to create a thrilling and interesting story”. The Game of Thrones game arose from internal discussions within Telltale of what other popular franchises they would write games around, with much support given for Game of Thrones. They approached HBO with the concept, and after a year of negotiations, were able to secure the license.



Ty Corey Franck, Martin’s personal assistant, will be a “story consultant” with the Telltale title.



According to Telltale’s CEO Dan Conners, the game will not be a prequel to the events of the TV series.Conners stated that the established world and timeline of Game of Thrones is allowing them to explore these fixed stories more in-depth to appeal to players.



So, brace yourselves, because winter is coming, and so is “Iron From Ice.”