Orc Assault is a tower defense game,that has been announced in early 2015.Try to stop all of orcs from conquering your kingdom.


It was all peaceful and serene in the far off land of Camalon, but the silence has been broken as the Orc hordes have returned to the kingdom to claim the land that they once held sacred. The only thing stopping them from conquering the innocent people of Camalon is your arsenal of weapons and advanced research towers.

Progress through various waves and stages of invasion on both paths and huge open battlefields, all along developing an increasingly sophisticated tower system to take down even the most powerful of Orcs. If you’re losing the battle, get behind the trigger of a machine gun and start taking on the invasion head on in first person mode.

For a truly unique experience, enter the world in virtual reality via the Oculus Rift headset and oversee the entire battlefield. Once you play tower defense in virtual reality, you will never want to play a traditional board game again. The fully animated characters and detailed animation-inspired world immerses you as you plan your final tactics.

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