No Man’s Sky new details

No Man’s Sky reveals new details about stars,natural disasters,factions.

E3 2015 stage demo by Gamespot

No Man’s Sky is misterious game.It has beautiful trailer,though.The head of developer Hello Games, Sean Murray, shared some new information about the different stars, natural disasters, and factions that will be in No Man’s Sky.

“We have a variety of different types of star, some of which are super rare, and you’ll start to realize they’ll tend to offer certain opportunities,” he explained. “In the videos already out there, as I zoom through the Galactic Map, you get glimpses of different types, sizes, and colors of stars, and, more interestingly, different formations.”

Murray also responded to a question about whether or not the game would include space phenomena such as black holes and supernovae. He stated that these must have some sort of gameplay justification for them to exist in the game, and that No Man’s Sky isn’t trying to be a space simulator. But he also didn’t rule out their presence in the world. “The rule we’ve set ourselves is that it’s a game first, not a simulation,” he wrote. “Space has to be fun, and everything you find in it should offer interesting ways of playing. So for instance, a black hole could be a really cool gameplay element, but maybe a supernova isn’t so much…”

Additionally, when asked about natural disasters, Murray revealed that the game will certainly feature some types of natural catastrophes. Although he once again qualified his answer by saying that No Man’s Sky isn’t meant to be a simulator, he confirmed that storms and other weather events will appear. “Rain, dust storms, snow, blizzards, storms, and a bunch of other things [are] possible,” he explained. “There are also more alien weather types, effectively like radioactive and toxic hazards, and atmospheres made from different compositions to ours.”

Murray also shed some light about the different factions that will appear in the game. They’ll be procedurally generated just like most of the game, but they will each have their own personality and characteristics. He stated, “Factions will become friends with you if you help them out, maybe by defending them against an attack from a warring faction or a pirate attack. Perhaps if you’re attacked and they’re around, they’ll come and help you in return, or maybe they’ll give you preferential treatment as a trader.”

Hello Games is still not ready to talk about when the game will release, however. Murray shared that there are factors out of his control that require the studio to keep the release date under wraps.

No Man’s Sky will launch simultaneously on PlayStation 4 and PC. Recently, Murray said that the developer is considering virtual reality support for the game. You can also check out some of the recently revealed details about the game’s economy here.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more incoming news about this promising game.

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