DayZ to get predatory animals including wolves

I kind of thought DayZ already had predatory wolves, but I must be conflating it with all the other survival games that followed in its wake. The newest devblog has assured me that wolves, and other animals, are coming to get you in the gizzards, so it’s not just zombies and humans you have to worry about any more.

DayZ Wolves

One reason you might be pleased to see little Wolfie up there is his fleshy interior, which you’ll be able to cook up and eat to sustain yourself. The devblog warns that non-perishable food is about to get a lot more scarce, what with the addition of growable food and soon animals.

The real news, obviously, is that bicycles are coming to DayZ. Work has just finished on this sweet dirt bike, but pedal-powered bikes are on the way too.DayZ dirt bike

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