Craft the World is all about exploring different worlds with a tribe of dwarves under your leadership. It’s a mix of the strategy, block building sandbox, and tower defense genres.gameplay:

Craft The World is a unique sandbox strategy game, the mix of Dungeon Keeper, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress. Explore a random generated world populated by dangerous creatures, build a dwarf fortress, gather resources, and craft all the items, weapons, and armor you need.Dwarf.png

Craftable items means all sorts of products,from wagon to lock,from stew to stone kitchen stowe, from red pennant to paper.

Below is the list of hotkeys usable in the game:

Key Description
Number keys (No numpad) 1-9 Trigger the related quick bar slots. This keys works also when a dwarf is selected.
F1, F2, F3 Change the game speed to normal (F1), 1.5x (F2), 2x (F3).
F9 Switch between hardware and software cursor. This can be used fix an issue with some AMD drivers.
  • Open the pause menu.
  • Close the current menu (craft/equip) if is open.
  • Cancel selection of the dwarf / exit direct control.
Arrows keys and W A S D Scroll the map or move a dwarf when under your direct control.
E Open the equip menu.
I Open the craft menu.
P Pause the game.
H Move camera to base.
T Open the task book.
C Open the technology tree.
Space Select next dwarf.
Mouse wheel Change zoom level.
Shift + Click or Right Click Mine/chop multiple blocks at the same time. Right Click also works when controlling a dwarf.
  • Double-Click an item in the craft menu will shows its details.
  • Double-Click an item while it is on the craft table to spread it to adjacent cells.
  • Double-Click a door/hatch to open/close it without using the context menu.
Alt (Command on Mac) + Enter Switch between full screen and window mode.
Ctrl + R Send dwarves with health under 70% to sleep (Rest)
Ctrl + E Send starving dwarves to eat (Eat)
Ctrl A new quick bar will appear with empty slots which can be filled up and used at any time by holding CTRL.

When a dwarf is selected:

Key Description
F Go eat (Food)
R Go sleep (Rest)
E Equip
O Direct control

There are several levels of play:

Casual(Easy): Craft the World may be slightly hard when you first start since you’re unsure of how to play, but after learning the basics anyone can easily enjoy the game. Custom games allow you to change the settings of the world and determine the overall difficulty, letting you choose how hard you want the game to be. A short tutorial will teach you the basics of the game, and the tasks you get while playing also helps in teaching you what to do.

Casual(Quick Play Sessions): You can quit at any time and it will always save your progress, so you don’t have to worry about the game being unplayable with a tight schedule.

Hardcore: The only time the game is really hard is if you play a custom game and choose your difficulty, which can go up to nightmare, or even turning on perma death where you won’t get replacement dwarves. Other than that, there isn’t anything hardcore about the game.

Game Length: Campaign levels can last around 15 hours, but sandbox modes can last as long as your creativity allows.

Craft the World puts you in command of a group of dwarves that must gather resources off the land in order to survive. Trees will be cut down, holes will be dug, and mountains carved down. With these resources, you can build them a nice place to live, give them equipment to survive fighting groups of enemies, and even make a rail system. There aren’t really any goals in the game, just your creativity in how to construct everything.

Dwarves can learn skills that improve over time to make them more efficient at many different tasks. Each dwarf starts with a random skill, but can learn two others through the use of skill books. The types of skills that they can learn range from combat skills like archery and magic, gathering skills like logging and mining, crafting skills like smithing and carpentry, and miscellaneous skills like climbing and swimming.

During the campaign or a custom game that involves the technology tree, there will be many tasks to complete. These tasks are somewhat of a tutorial as they tell you to do certain things to earn experience, such as completing a shelter or go find iron ore. Most tasks simply tell you to complete the next step in the technology tree.

A shelter to keep your dwarves safe

The most important goal of the game is to create a shelter for the dwarves. Apart from simply putting up walls and a roof, a totem must be placed inside of what you build that will tell you how effective the shelter is, or if it is even considered a shelter. Dwarves won’t sleep in beds to recover health if they aren’t located inside of a complete shelter. Decorating the shelter with items will increase the comfort of the shelter, which determines how fast dwarves will recover.

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