Choice of Robots, textual choice adventure game.Presented like choose your own adventure based on the action and answers you give (actually read,choose) in the game.Philosophical sci-fi-esque game that takes you through thirty years in the  life of character you pick.

You start as a young man,or woman, building your first robot.You’ll literally design your robot from the ground up, and its purpose, personality, and ultimate destiny comes down to the choices you make.Everything you do has an impact on your robot in the form of stats like Grace and Autonomy.Of course some desicions in the game influences your relationships with other characters you meet through the game.Personal wealth,reputation and connections are also subject to -“what you decide in the game”.Player can even end up running his own robotics company. Your path can branch in a truly enormous number of ways, and the world will change drastically over those three decades… will you fade into obscurity? Become a tyrant who crushes the world with a merciless army of your own? Find the person of your dreams… or build them? Thoughtfully written with warmth, humour, and intrigue, Choice of Games is an intensely satisfying text adventure that will keep you coming back for more with its myriad of endings and decisions that let you play the game how you want to, making for one of the most compelling text games in a long time.Anyway deffinitely one of the text games in a long time,since there was not too many of them these days.

To play, just click the radial buttons to select your choices whenever one is presented to you.There’s no real way to play to win, since Choice of Robots is all about working your way towards whatever goals and relationships you want, so just make the choices that feel appropriate to you, though be warned… every decision has an impact, whether it be on your relationship with someone else, or increasing (or decreasing) your robot’s statistics, and everything is permanent until you restart the game anew.Speaking of which, it’s a little strange that you can only choose male or female for yourself, but upon creating your robot, you’re given the option to choose entirely new gender pronouns for it… something that I’m sure a lot of players would have appreciated being able to do when it came to their own character.

A lot of games offer choice, but few make your decisions feel as important and personal as Choice of Robots does.That is the sentence that describes what makes this game different from the others.

date of release:19.december 2014.

developer:Choice of Games

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