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Nvidia drivers

Nvidia’s “Game Ready Drivers” are GeForce display drivers that have been optimized for new game releases. Right now, there are two ways to do so: You can hop into the GeForce Experiencesoftware that’s humming away quietly in your Windows taskbar, or you can pop over to Nvidia’s driver download page and snag the latest update directly. But soon, according to PC World, that second option will be a thing of the past. Continue reading Nvidia drivers

SKYLAKE Tweaks Improve Discrete Graphics Performance

Tests on the first Intel processors running on its new Skylake architecture in early August gave some odd results regarding the performance of games using discrete graphics cards. In some benchmarks, both Haswell and Broadwell, the previous generation CPUs, performed marginally better than or tied with Skylake. When we wrote about Skylake, we mentioned that it was support for new memory and storage bandwidth, not pure CPU speed, that made it a valuable upgrade. Now we’ve got a bit more insight into why Skylake struggled to surpass its predecessors. Continue reading SKYLAKE Tweaks Improve Discrete Graphics Performance