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Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World is “targeting a stable 30fps across all platforms,” according to a tweet from a Capcom community manager, which could be taken to mean that the PC version will either be locked to or designed for low framerates. However, the tweet was in response to a question about the console versions, and we’ve confirmed that this statement doesn’t apply to the PC.  Continue reading Monster Hunter: World

Assassins Creed TV Series on Netflix is coming

Taman kada je u prethodnoj godini nastalo zatisje u Ubisoftu oko Assassins Creed fransize, pojavile su se glasine da kompanija pregovara oko emitovanja igrane serije na Netflix-u.Jedina proslogodisnja aktivnost je bio film.A sada, Aymar Azaiza,glavni covek za sadrzaj AC serije, je otkrio velike planove na Reddit-u . Continue reading Assassins Creed TV Series on Netflix is coming

The Long Dark – coming in april!

Open-world survival naslov – The Long Dark je usao u Steam early access jos 2014 i od tada je dostupan samo ljudima koji su podrzali Kickstarter kampanju.Medjutim, ono na sta se prilicno dugo ceka je story mode koji su autori obecali i tada bi naslov trebalo da bude dostupan svima.Na sajtu developera se pojavilo odbrojavanje i to moze da znaci da je igra spremna. Continue reading The Long Dark – coming in april!

Samsung to produce ultra huge displays

Samsung has plans to make 32:9 uberwide displays, officially called ‘double full HD’ (DFHD), according to TFTCentral. The panel will be 49-inches wide, with a 3840×1080 resolution. It’s basically the equivalent of a pair of 27-inch 1080p displays, built as a single panel. The panel will feature an 1800R curvature, which is far curvier than what we see on 21:9 aspect ratio displays—and the extra curve makes sense given the size of the panel.

Continue reading Samsung to produce ultra huge displays

System Shock remake coming soon

Last week, Nightdive Studios teased new in-game PC footage of its forthcoming System Shock remaster. Running on Unreal Engine 4, some prospective players suggested the reimagined Citadel Station looked better when powered by Unity—as it had been in last year’s pre-alpha demo. The game’s director Jason Fader has now addressed why Unreal was chosen, where he and his team’s priorities lie, and what a “faithful reboot” exactly entails. Continue reading System Shock remake coming soon

Tactical RPG All Walls Must Fall

Takticki RPG All Walls Must Fall je smesten u fiktivni period hladnog rata u Istocnom Berlinu. Igru pravi studio Inbetweengames koji je sacinjen od bivsih clanova studija Yager i igara kao sto je Spec Ops.U istocnom Berlinu hladni rat i dalje traje,Berlinski zid je tu i radnja je smestena u 2089.godinicu.Igra ce vam ponuditi da prebrodite opasnosti pomocu opcija kao sto su nocni zivot, putovanje kroz vreme, da budete drustveno neprimetni ,kako god vi odlucili u toku igranja. Continue reading Tactical RPG All Walls Must Fall

Dark Souls 3 update 1.32 will be out soon

Despite the fact some Dark Souls players can take down its toughest bosses scantily clad, at Souls Level 1, and on New Game Plus 7, The Ringed City DLC is easily one of the series’ trickiest outings. With this in mind, its latest update 1.32 installs a number of buffs and nerfs which should aid faltering players—not least by toning down those blasted lighting-spewing angels of the Dreg Heap.  Continue reading Dark Souls 3 update 1.32 will be out soon