Phantom Doctrine

Those who have played Firaxis’ XCOM series will be familiar with those games’ random dice rolls. You can have an alien flanked, completely exposed and out of cover, and still miss the shot. The team at CreativeForge Games clearly hates that, so it built Phantom Doctrine to be different at its most basic level. When you pull the trigger, enemies die. This Cold War thriller is remarkably dense and, for both good and bad, absolutely demanding your attention. Continue reading Phantom Doctrine

RPG genre describes my passion..likes to run…trying to be something like author

Bus Simulator 18 is getting additional missions

Bus Simulator 18 is a very niche sort of game, but it does what it does quite well—not perfectly, but good enough to make Andy Kelly sweat about blowing past a turnoff with a full load of tightly-wound commuters. And now it’s a little bigger and a little better thanks to the release of the first free mission pack on SteamContinue reading Bus Simulator 18 is getting additional missions

Rising Storm 2:Vietnam – review

Takticki shooter iz prvog lica Rising Storm 2:Vietnam je smesten,gde drugo, u Vijetnam.Za pravljenje igre su bili zaduzeni  Antimatter Games i Tripwire Interactive.U igri su prisutne realna mehanika i borba, a mnoge od lokacija su uradjene kao verne replike istorijskih mesta i bitaka. Continue reading Rising Storm 2:Vietnam – review