Just on time,another political simulation game coming in the America’s election year.Not about it being an election year—it is—but about all the other stuff. In reality, it’s a time of super-heated rhetoric, unrestrained nastiness, and grotesque behavior—and also time for a new version of Stardock’s election simulator The Political Machine. Continue reading THE POLITICAL MACHINE 2016 – ELECTION SIM GAME


ReVoltRace is an online racing community dedicated to the old school RC racing game Re-Volt. Here you can download the game (since it’s such an old game, it can be downloaded for free), find old and new tracks for this game, get help playing online races and join Re-Volt multiplayer races (on stock tracks and custom tracks).

Yes, Re-Volt is that old school radio control car racing themed video game released by Acclaim Entertainment in 1999. The fact there still is an active community playing this game proofs that this was and is a great game.

The racing competitions we play are mostly stock tracks (such as Toys In The Hood, Ghost Town, Toytanic, Toy World and Botanic Garden) and monthly changing custom tracks (new ones and classics such as PetroVolt, Venice, Rooftops, Helios, Re-Ville, RVTemple etc), normally using the Toyeca car (considered the best Re-Volt stock car based on handling and speed, although some prefer other cars like Adeon, Humma or Cougar).

Buying a Ticket for Warcraft Movie may get you WoW for free

The Warcraft film is approaching fast—June 10, if you hadn’t heard—and the word on the street is that Blizzard is considering a movie/videogame crossover of a sort I haven’t encountered before. “The street,” to be more precise about it, is Reddit, where a user has posted an image of a survey saying that Blizzard is giving thought to offering a free copy of the World of Warcraft “Ultimate Movie Edition” with every purchase of a ticket to see Warcraft in a theater. Continue reading Buying a Ticket for Warcraft Movie may get you WoW for free